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It starts with picking your brain and ends with results.

Whether you're looking to stand out from the crowd, or an established brand looking for a facelift. We’ve got the formula for the job.

We’ll maintain transparency throughout, but most importantly, we’ll get to The Point.

How we do it.

We start by getting up-close and personal, by doing a deep-dive into your business. Then go and look at what's happening out there; what do your audience want, which competitors to watch-out for and what opportunities are on the horizon.

This helps us build out an actionable marketing strategy that combines the best practices with proven methods to get results. We break it down into chewable chunks, communicating quarterly plans that help you not just see the bigger picture, but achieve it.

Marketing Strategy Manchester
  • Client Q&A’s: We get to know your business by quizzing the people who know it best: you. These early stage sessions set the tone, help get buy-in for the business and make sure everyone’s on the same page before we lock anything in. Gaining this understanding of where your brand, product or service, and user experience align, we can visualise a clear value proposition later down the line.
  • Workshops: When there’s a few tasks to tackle, sometimes it helps to get everyone in a room and hash it all out together. We help to facilitate directed workshops of all shapes and sizes, to help understand the problem, set a vision for the future, and give everyone the opportunity to put everything on the table before any final decisions are made.
  • Objective Setting: We work together to define clear and measurable goals within set time frames that allow you connect the dots, stand back and admire your work, then highlight areas for improvement. These can be a mixture of measurable objectives, such as ROI and sales targets, through to more holistic goals, such as brand awareness and recognition.
  • Internal alignment: Once we’ve gathered all the juicy info from you like we’re wearing a wire, sometimes it helps to play it all back; and highlight where, if any, internal alignment needs to happen. We find this is the best way to get everyone on the same path, before we start developing work, avoiding any nasty surprises or bottlenecks down the road.
  • Market research – We immerse ourselves in your industry and marketplace to understand the status quo, where its going and any pitfalls or opportunities we need to watch out for. We also take a look at your competitors to see who’s doing what well. This helps us assess where there’s a gap for you to play and how.
  • Audience analysis – We get to know your preexisting and target audiences to understand who they are, what makes them tick and how we can capture their attention. We look beyond their numbers, to what drives them, how they feel and what they need in life. This helps us create customer profiles that actually mean something, based on real insight.
  • Competitive benchmarking – We take a look at your competitor set, to see who’s making waves and who’s struggling to stand up on the surfboard. When we map this against your audience’s needs, we can see where the opportunities lie and whose lunch is up for taking.
  • Opportunity mapping – All of this leaves us with an opportunity for you to shine. Be it by what you say, what you sell, who you sell it to or the avenues you take to get there. This opportunity map forms the direction for your plan; and which roads we need to take for the best use of your time and resources before we start developing work, avoiding any nasty surprises or bottlenecks down the road.
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  • Brand proposition & story –  We formulate a statement and story that communicates the benefits of your customers inviting your brand, and subsequent products and/or services  into their lives. This overarching narrative boosts your brand’s reputation and establishes your authority.
  • Go-to-market plan – We detail how your business should engage with your target audience, from SEO to socials, lead generation to podcasts, we make an actionable plan of where to be, how much to spend and what to put out. 
  • Content plan – We keep your online presence active by devising monthly plans that allow your customers to establish a relationship with your brand. Your content plans can include anything, from industry insights, to reviews and testimonials, to sharing stories from your internal team.
  • Management & governance – Once the plans in place, we keep things ticking over. We manage each of your channels and third-parties we’ve brought in, to deliver and set the governance and cadence to meet your needs.
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