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Beautiful brands don’t appear overnight.

Successful brands get under the skin of the target audience and speak to them in a way no one has done before. If you're looking to develop instantly recognisable branding that stands out amongst your competitors, we've got the tools.

Our approach to branding is as much about business as it is about beauty.

How we do it.

It all starts at our strategy, we take this work then enlist one of our amazing brand design partners, and start to work on making it come to life.

Our process is like expensive tupperware: watertight. From briefing to delivery, you’ll see the vision come to life, bringing all key stakeholders along throughout.

    • Mission & vision At its core, the mission and vision of your business sets your goals and aspirations for the future. These, along with a consistent brand identity, means your internal teams, clients, customers and partners are all aligned on who you are, and where you’re going. Building trust, authority and longevity.
    • Brand identity – We create an identity that is truly yours and makes you stand out from the crowd. Using proven methodologies, and the strategy to inform and give purpose to the identity we create. A consistent identity gives a clear message to every customer at every touchpoint.
    • Logo development – We develop logo designs with market research as the foundation, and down right snazzy artistic choices on the surface, to create one that truly represents you as a business, so you stand out for all the right reasons.
  • Graphics & icons – To help your brand make waves, we create striking visuals that you can use across the board. This creates a unique and memorable user experience for your prospective customers, adding to memorability. 
  • Colours & fonts – Both elements help set the mood of your brand and evoke emotion from your audience. If the thought of aligning corporate with Comic Sans gives you the fear, then you know exactly why it’s a crucial element of branding *shudder*. We’ll steer you clear of Wingdings and recommend fonts fit for purpose. 
  • Imagery – We know you’ve heard it a million times, but pictures really do say 1000 words. Your image selection creates a strong first impression on your audience. Ensuring they align with the tone of your brand helps to generate authority at breakneck speed, keeping your audience engaged. 
  • Execution examples – At this stage of your brand development, we’ll create a bank of example executions, that will help set the tone for the future. This way, anything you want to create down the line will have a starting point, to help keep things consistent and looking tip-top.
Branding Manchester
Branding Services
  • Document templates – Once we’ve made the magic with your branding, we know you’ll want to show it off wherever possible. From Word Documents to PowerPoints, we design templates that your entire business can use, to keep you looking sweet.
  • Content templates These can be used across all of your social platforms, blogs, written content and more, and will be created in the correct dimensions, so you can sleep easy knowing that no matter the author, your brand remains harmonious 
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