Address :
Beehive Lofts, Beehive Mill, Jersey St, Ancoats, Manchester M4 6JG

Yan Tan

The brief

The British Wool Industry is in decline, as foreign imports of seemingly more desirable wools have become cheaper, leaving our own British Wool to be destroyed and the products we see in our retailers being far from sustainable.

Ready for change, our founders are on a mission to hero our home-grown sheep and their farmers by launching a fully sustainable, British manufactured knitwear brand.

Our task

Create a purpose-driven brand that raises awareness of the importance of supporting the British wool industry. Establishing ourselves as an honest, transparent and home-grown brand. Demonstrating there can still be beauty in sustainable fashion and building a community of engaged followers who are loyal to our cause.

Our approach

Built around our proposition ‘Much More Than Knit’, we created a brand that would encapsulate our ethos of sustainability and harness the beauty of the product. It has a high fashion feel and a colour palette that can change as the seasons do. The brand and website needed to stand out in the more muted world of knitwear.

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