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Whether you’re a startup looking to create your brand from the floorboards up, or an established business looking to develop your digital presence, we’ve got the formula. We’re here to make your worklife easier so you’ve got more time to get to the good stuff.

Our values

We work hard to create a positive change for you, your team and your business, both commercially and creatively.


We know resources can be tight and budgets need to work hard; our goal is to bring you the best value.


We embed ourselves in your business and become an extension of your team, always putting your interests first.


Aside from work, we’re pretty nice people. If we can make your job a little easier and your day a little better, we’re happy.

Just two northern birds, making stuff happen.

Laura Bell - Get to know the people who make The Point Consult. Find out about us and let's talk strategy!
Laura Bell

Founder, Strategist

Laura enjoys really getting to the bottom of things, especially a bottle of Vinho Verde. When she’s not busy being the brains of the operation, she’s knee-deep in 90s R&B or 00’s BritPop.

Her special skills include: problem solving, brand development, and online shopping.

Sophie McGuffie - Get to know the people who make The Point Consult. Find out about us and let's talk strategy!
Sophie McGuffie

Campaign Manager

When Sophie isn’t delivering tarot card readings to anyone who’ll listen, she’s chronically online, keeping up-to-date with pop culture trends. What she doesn’t know about the state of the world, simply isn’t worth knowing.

Her special skills include: copywriting, email marketing, and Cuban Salsa.


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