Address :
Colony Fabrica, 269 Great Ancoats St, Manchester M4 7DB


The brief

Founded in April 2012, LanciaConsult is a fast-growing business, technology and marketing consultancy, with offices in Asia Pacific and Europe. As they approached their 10th birthday, they looked to level up their brand and marketing efforts to help position them against the competition, attract staff and win new business.

Our task

Our task was to deliver a rebrand and go-to-market plan that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and agile working methods of their team.

To achieve this, we first evaluated the diverse needs of their international offices: Asia often pitches against the Big 4 Consultancies, however, in Europe they wanted to differentiate themselves from the large competitors. Then we uncovered the essence of their people, which gives them a unique selling point in their space.

The challenge was to create a brand that stood out whilst positioning themselves comfortably alongside the big names, then hero their people, energy and attitude.

Our approach

We created a new identity for LanciaConsult that positions them as having the same calibre of people, expertise and knowledge as the Big 4, but a delivery model and energy that is built for modern-day business.

Taking inspiration from tech startups, the branding aims to give them a fresh new position in the market and longevity to support their growth.

The go-to-market strategy was created to help increase brand awareness, engagement and share-of-voice with potential staff, customers and industry peers.

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