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Stellar James

The brief

Stellar James is a quickly growing wealth management office based in Singapore, with significant ties to South Africa. Its founder, Guy Shirtliff, has robust finance, investment banking, and trading. His unique abilities to decipher market shifts and make confident decisions have been key to transforming what started as a single-family office into a burgeoning multi-family office. As the fund grows, Stellar James sought a sophisticated brand identity and assets to assist their market establishment and expansion.

Our task

Our task was to create a brand identity that accurately reflected the essence of Stellar James. We aimed to enhance their recognition and reputation for delivering superior returns, position them as an alternate option to mainstream wealth management companies, and highlight their proven track record. In addition, support their evolution into a family-office, their non-traditional, modern-day investor-oriented approach, and their agility, bravery, and dynamism.

Our approach

Our strategy was to create a unique brand identity for Stellar James that positioned them as a market disruptor. We accentuated their founding by a proven successful investor, their ability to deliver tangible results through innovative approaches, and their understanding of modern-day investor needs.

The brand identity we developed was modern and dynamic, with the 'SJ' as a unique identifier for the logo. We opted for a bold colour palette and a striking image library to communicate their brave and disruptive stance.

To further bolster the new identity, we designed a suite of branded document templates for internal use, as well as stationery and social media templates. These assets were designed to establish a consistent and sophisticated visual narrative for Stellar James, further establishing their unique position in the market.

Meta: Discover how we crafted a unique brand identity for Stellar James, a disruptive wealth management family-office based in Singapore, highlighting their proven track record, dynamic approach, and suitability for the modern-day investor. Learn about our strategy and the creative assets that contributed to their market recognition.

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I had a great experience working with Laura and her team. She took time to understand my business fully and helped me bring my vision to life. They created a brand identity that truly represented us and helped us stand out in the market. I would definitely recommend working with them.