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We know that each social media platform is a complex beast that follows its own set of rules. Luckily for us, we feel the algorithm and the rhyme, get on up, it’s video time!

1. Keep it short and sweet
According to Influencer Marketing Hub, 73% of consumers prefer short-form videos, which means keeping your content to 60 seconds or less.

Not only will you save time if you keep it quick and concise, but short-form video content has the highest RIO, so that’s more bang for your buck!

Even better still, 30% of short-form video content is watched at least 81% of the way through, ensuring your audience and prospective customers are engaging with the majority of information you’re trying to get across.

2. Pay attention to the trends
Most video sharing platforms make it easy peasy to keep on top of the trends, making it uber accessible for you to keep up!

Get to know what people are posting. Immerse yourself in your chosen platform, whether it’s TikTok, Instagram Reels or Youtube shorts, and take notice of how content creators are garnering views. From trending audios, to snazzy transitions, or even funky filters–Ensuring you know what’s hot and what’s not will give you the best opportunity for finding your tribe!

3. The old slice and dice
Creating captivating content need not require as much time as initially expected if you already have a host of pre recorded videos. You can repurpose what you already have by simply chopping a few best bits that’ll grab attention, and simply redirect your audience to the full long-form video if they’re intrigued to know more.

4. Keep it upright
Most people are viewing videos on mobile devices. Recording videos in portrait mode means you have the best chance of getting your stuff seen. It’ll allow your videos to be seen clear and up-close, and it simply looks sleeker on the eye.

5. An easy read
Make sure to include Closed Captions, subtitles or a description of the audio content within the video caption. Not only does it prevent your audience from mishearing what you have to say, but it makes your content accessible to the hard-of-hearing and deaf community.

To learn more about how we can master short-form video content for your brand, get in-touch!

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