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As a brand, it’s important to stand out for all the right reasons. Finding the balance between product positioning, speaking to your customers needs and representing who you are as a business, can be a tricky one to land.

We’ve highlighted five things to consider when creating or refreshing your brand, in order to ensure it’s smooth sailing.

1. Get under the hood
Branding should never be taken lightly. There should be decisive motivation for what you’re doing that doesn’t just stop at cosmetic reasoning. We’ve all considered a facelift at some point, but when it comes to putting our brand under-the-knife, it’s important to base it on facts, not opinions.

The first step is to answer some simple questions:

  • Who – Who is your audience, what pain points do they have ?
  • Where – What market are you playing in? What is the industry norm and who is seen as the leader?
  • Why – Why you? What makes you different and why should your customer choose you over the rest?
  • When – When does this brand need to drop to get the maximum impact?

The answer to these questions should start to give you clarity on what opportunity you have to stand out. Look for gaps in the market and where you have licence to make an impact.

2. Keep. It. Simple.
We’ve all heard the horror stories of big brands spending thousands, if not millions, on brand designs. And although designing a brand is a craft in itself, the trick is to keep it simple and straightforward.

Once you have your research, distil it down into your brand positioning. What’s the one sentence that represents you and will resonate with your audience? Once you have this, you can use it to create everything that comes afterwards.

When it comes to actual brand and logo design, having a clear, cohesive brief for your designer that is rooted in insight (see point #1) and with references of what you do and don’t like, will make for a smooth process.

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