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Yes we all know, it’s been one hell of a year. But fortunately for the startup community, investment and growth has still been possible, not only just for businesses still in high growth sectors, but also those who are developing a product that will help consumers and businesses adapt to living with and to recover from the pandemic.

Here’s a few to watch out for in 2021. 

Healthcare – Siilo

With family members working in the NHS, I’m all too aware of not only the enormous pressure they’ve been under, but also the frustrations and delays caused by systems, processes and paperwork. 

Netherlands based startup Siilo have launched a secure, easy-to-use messaging app that enables medical professionals to connect, collaborate and share vital information, quickly. Helping staff be more efficient and free-up their time to focus on patient care. 

The team received €9.5 million Series A funding back in July, and have also launched a series of free products to support medical organisations through the crisis. 


Robotics & Automation – Bot-Hive 

Industrial Automation is an industry that isn’t slowing down, but sadly in countries like the UK and Europe, the adoption by smaller businesses has been much slower than in places like Asia. This is due to the complexity of the sales channel and the availability of information and support. 

On top of this, the Covid crisis has put an enormous strain on businesses of all kinds, some of which can be helped with the adoption of Robotics. From labour shortages on farms, to clearing hospitals, to improving productivity in warehouses, to helping factories increase their yield so we’re not as reliant on foreign imports. 

Bot-Hive have set-out to break down barriers and help smaller businesses adopt Robotics. Following their seed investment back in April, they have already launched the world’s most extensive online marketplace and next year will be rolling out more intuitive sales tools, educational content and expert support to help businesses adopt robots.


Transport – Tier  

It’s going to be a long time until city living gets back to normal. Thankfully governments and councils are doing their bit to offer safer ways to travel. Many city centres are now creating more pedestrian areas, widen bike lanes and looser restrictions on e-scooters.

The e-scooter market is not new, and there are many players in the EU market vying for your custom. But it is Berlin based Tier that is leading the charge, with a whooping €211.2 million Series C Investment in November.

Their vision is to ‘Change mobility for good’ and pride themselves on being fully carbon neutral. They are looking to change the urban transport landscape by reducing emissions and offering a more socially distant way to commute.

Visit: Tier

Education – Century Tech

My hat goes off to all of the teachers out there, the interruption to learning and fragmented interactions with the pupils must have added an enormous amount of strain and stress. 

London based Century Tech offers an AI based learning platform, that helps monitor the workload of each child across each subject, to monitor and predict roadblocks in their learning. This helps teachers be more informed and spend less time in the manual task of assessing children across multiple touchpoints.

The businesses has managed to raise a total of £4.3 million since they founded in 2014, and where voted the Spectator Economic Disruptor of the Year in 2019, which recognises businesses who have the biggest positive impact on their sector.  


Social CareLog My Care

London based care management platform, Log My Care, received €660K early stage investment back in August to help digitise the social care sector. 

The platform offers a safe, easy-to-use case logging and communication tool for carers, to heavily reduce the amount of paperwork and ease the sharing of information between colleagues. Supporting a sector in which 80% of care homes still rely on keeping paper records, the platform enables real-time sharing of critical information and supports remote working. 


If you’d like to chat about how we can support your startup in your next phase of growth, get in touch.

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